Sunday, March 17, 2013

IS IT SPRING YET?? HST news for march 2013

Well! We have quite a few changes going on around HST, and as the proud owner of the studio, I couldn't be happier! It has been a while,(as usual) since I have updated this blog, but I must say, It goes to the back burner when we become so overwhelmed with new clients and returning friends! By the way, A big thanks to all of you that continue to support HST and our amazing staff! I'm just going to put these in order of how they pop up in my head and hope I don't miss anything... 1. My first and longest standing contractor, and good friend of HST and all who visit, DUSTIN HYSELL, has left HST to pursue a new opportunity in Columbus tattooing. He was a great part of the staff for almost six years, and sometimes as an artist, you need to be around new people to feel like you are still learning, and to refresh the old creativity. With that, Dustin can now be found at Fate tattoo. We were sad to see him go, but he remains a friend of the studio, and we wish him all the best in his new venture. Those clients that wish to follow Dustin will be missed, but we welcome and encourage clients that wish to continue collecting from HST to check out our other great artists, and I assure you that you can still expect the best service and tattooing that Columbus has to offer. Thank you Dustin for a being such a stellar part of my staff for so many years, you have my great respect and I and the crew at HST truly wish you all the best. 2. When a position is available at HST for a new member, I am lucky to receive applications from some of the industries best. With that in mind, Please check out our new artists, ERIC ADKINS and ZACK WOLF! We welcome these two powerhouses to the HST crew, and I am sure that you will see why I was so happy to have them as new additions to the HST family. ERIC has a unique, intricate style which looks absolutely fluid on skin, his black and grey work is amazingly smooth, but don't overlook his color work! He is a well rounded, experienced artist that comes to us from one of Columbus' legendary studios, Bodystain! I'd like to personally welcome Eric to the HST crew, and look forward to a long time of having him on staff. PS, a special thanks to the owner of Bodystain, Carmello Albierto(sorry if I butchered your name buddy) for letting Eric make the transition to the HST crew after a long career at Bodystain. ZACK WOLF comes to us from lovely, scenic Dayton Ohio and I could not be happier! His work is both versatile and eye-popping, he can do everything from portraits to new school and everything in between! He has just joined us recently, but we look forward to seeing him be a staple of the HST staff for a long time to come! 3. I have been lucky to have made some of the best friends I have ever had through the ownership of this studio, and it gives me great pride to see them grow and achieve in their live, both personally and professionally. With that, I am proud to announce the marriage of one of my great friends and HST's favorite son, JOEY KNUCKLES! Joey will be tying the knot with his lovely lady on Tuesday and we at HST wish him all the best in his new life! way to go homie!! 4. Periodically, I am lucky to be offered interesting opportunities within the Columbus business community. In the last year, I have used my culinary background to revamp the menus and processes of a Columbus restaurant, owned a food truck, gotten a real estate license, gotten married, and numerous other ventures. All the while the HST staff and our amazing manager, Joshua, kept the studio running like clockwork! I would like to personally thank each of my staff, and especially Joshua for maintaining the standards we have set while I pursue these unique opportunities! I would also like to let all my clients know that I am back (for now) to tattooing full-time, and look forward to seeing you all again soon! I think thats everything for now! Please remember to support those who serve our country and our community, and remember that HST does as well! we always offer fire, police and military discounts to show our support! as always, if you have a charitable function that HST can help make great, feel free to contact me directly ( and we look forward to seeing you soon! Come see why HST offers "The mark of distinction that lasts a lifetime!"

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

HST news for august!

I know, I know...It's been quite a while since I have posted on the blog; my apologies! As usual, HST is keeping busy, so I have neglected the blog. August is looking great at HST, and with summer beginning to wrap up, it's a great time to come see us and get that new tattoo you have had your eye on! -GIOVANI....As some of you know, prior to being a tattoo artist and the owner of HST, I was a professional chef, a career that was part of my family heritage, and something that is very close to my heart! I recently was offered an opportunity to return to the culinary arts as a consultant for a restaurant company called "The Loose Goose" that is looking to expand its brand in the Columbus market. I take great pride in my cooking, and when the offer came, i was glad to be able to help the Goose re-design its brand to offer clients a more upscale, healthy menu. As this opportunity was something that required my full attention, I have been away from HST for nearly two months. My great thanks to our amazing manager, Joshua, for keeping HST running smoothly in my absence. I hope that every client of HST was taken care of with the same high standard of customer service that continues to set HST apart from the pack in Columbus tattooing. I am glad to say that, having completed the redesign of The Loose Goose, that I am now able to return to my studio, and begin taking new clients again. If you get a chance to check the Goose out, enjoy a great meal in a fun atmosphere, and tell 'em Giovani sent you! I am super proud of the new menu, and hope that you will take the opportunity to see my culinary ability in action! -THE (temporary) RETURN OF JOEY KNUCKLES!!..... That's right folks, it's that time again; our old pal and one of my most accomplished employees, the great JOEY KNUCKLES will be returning to HST august 16-18, and has a few open spots left...If you have work that needs finished, or want something new from this east-coast powerhouse. you can check out his work and book an appointment at Well, that's it, we hope to see you all soon, and i promise I will try my best to update this damn blog more often! Thanks for your continued support of HST, we look forward to seeing you soon for "the mark of distinction that lasts a lifetime" -Gio

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


HST would like to thank all our clients for a great transition into 2012! We at HST are hoping the world continues to exist after october, and we have no respect for the Mayan calendar anyway, so feel free to book those appointments, knowing we'll be here to fulfill your greatest tattoo wishes and dreams! To solidify HST as a tattoo collectors destination studio, and to offset the rising costs of doing business, as of February 1, 2012, HST will be raising our minimum rate for tattooing to 100 dollars...For most of our clients, this change will not even be noticed, as we are known for our dedicated clientelle getting large work, but for those new to HST, don't be deterred...100 bucks for something you will have for life is still cheaper than getting maced and shot at over some Air Jordans...Here's hoping your 2012 is off to a great start, and we look forward to serving you soon at HST...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Joey Knuckles in the house June 2-6!!

HST's favorite son, Joey Knuckles, will make his return to Columbus June 2-6! To take advantage of his guest spot and book an appointment, call- 614-294-8888, or email-

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HST goes metal!!

I know, its been a while since my last post here, but spring is here and we at HST are lucky enough to be super busy! That dosen't mean we can't fit you in for a great tattoo, so don't hesitatate to come see us anytime! In other news, i have been working in secret for about 8 months now as the co-host of "metal shop" on 99.7 the blitz! Our show is dedicated to the heavist of metal, and can be heard sunday nights at 11 or streamed live to any computer at!!! I encourage you to check it out! I step outside my usual refined self and release my inner metalhead!! I might even give away some tattoo time for loyal listeners!! On the same note, metal shop will be hosting its one year anniversary this saturday at captain jacks at buckeye lake from 8-midnight with 6 great local metal bands, and plenty of suprises, so get on out there!!! So there it is...check back often and i'll do my best to update more often!!

Monday, March 28, 2011


this weekend only at HST!  industry giants DJ Minor from Atlanta and Chris Smith of DC invade the studio, and are available for all your tattoo needs!  DJ is big on highly detailed full color work, and Chris is one of the nations best traditional artists!!  for more info, email me ( and be sure to check them out here:

DJ Minor

Chris Smith

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Help us welcome HST's new manager!!!

Please join us in welcoming a new member to the HST staff!  Jimmy Schaub has been our website designer for a while now and is responsible for the amazing HST site!  He is super friendly and personable and has already made quite a difference in our marketing ability...Jimmy will be assisting me with all the goings on around the studio, as well as taking the lead in some of our marketing/charitable event coordination.  Jimmy can be reached at, by calling the studio (614) 294-8888 or through his personal business website!  Jimmy is an amazing website and graphic designer, and is always looking for new opportunities to help you grow your business!  We are excited to have him on board, part time for now (wed, friday&saturday) but we look forward to having him on full time starting in early spring!  Stop by and say hi, and let Jimmy set you up for your next great piece of HST artwork!  Thanks for your continued support of HST and with your help, I will continue to bring you more great services and "the mark of distinction that lasts a lifetime!"