Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Over the last five years, it has been my great pleasure to bring Columbus all of the finest tattoo talent I can find, and it has been quite an experience to work with all of my amazing artists.  One thing that many of you know that makes HST stand out from the flood of studios in the city is our dedication to the client experience; Over the years, we have had a number of managers to greet our clients, and help take care of their every need while at HST, but none have been so valued and so close as our current manager, Craig.  Craig is HST family.  He brought a kind demeanor and a good work ethic to the studio, and was always there to help if ever we needed him.  Clients loved him, we love him, and we wouldn't be the great success we are without his hard work and dedication.  As with anyone that is good at what they do, opportunities for growth will present themselves; and so this has happened to Craig.  He will no longer be a part of the HST staff as of November 1, and let me personally say that he will be greatly missed.  As the owner of HST, I do my best to promote the studio rigorously, and this means that a lot of the time, I have several irons in the fire.  I am also not famous for patience, nor my tolerance for anything but perfection, but Craig has always been there for me, to assist without question, to work without hesitation, so I want to personally thank him for being a key to the great success of HST.  All of the HST staff will feel the loss of this great manager and friend, and we wish him nothing but the best in his new venture!  As a side note, I will be taking over the duties as the studio manager!  I have not had the opportunity in quite some time to be the face at the desk, so this will give me a great opportunity to be in close contact with our amazing clients, and to work to propel HST to even greater heights!  I am looking for a part-time manager, for friday and saturday.  Please be personable, professional looking and acting, and familiar with the tattoo process.

In other news, we hope to see all of you on November 5 for the HST 5 year anniversary party!  It will be here at the studio, and will coincide with gallery hop!  food and drinks will be provided, so c'mon down and help us celebrate 5 years as the cities best studio!
  November 4-6 HST will be joined by our new friend, Geof Chisholm from Black Diamond tattoo studio in PA!  He is a great young tattooist, and he will be happy to give you a rockin new piece!  Check him out at!

Long time HST artist AJ McMillen has a new website with his work and some insight into his life and his creative process...Check it out at!

As always, thanks for reading my blog, and we hope to see you soon for the one of a kind experience that is HST


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some old friends becoming new artists at HST!

I am happy to announce that effective today, HST welcomes back two of our former artists, Scott Santee and Cary Alderidge.  Those of you that have been clients of HST over the years may remember that Scott and Cary were some of our original crew...They had been gone for a while exploring some other career options in the tattoo industry, and have decided to return to HST for a limited time!  Scott and Cary will be working part time and by appointment only, and their schedule is as follows:

Both Scott and Cary will open the studio on sundays, giving you a full seven days of service at HST!
Cary will also work Fridays, and scott will work tuesday and wednesday. There will also be other random days, it will be easiest to call the shop 614-216-5899 for more information, or email our manager Craig at

You can also email Both Scott and Cary at their personal emails:

As with any HST artist, you can expect that both Scott and Cary will adhere to the service standard here at HST, which means that you can expect the same exceptional quality in both art and client service that you have come to expect from all of us at HST!