Tuesday, July 31, 2012

HST news for august!

I know, I know...It's been quite a while since I have posted on the blog; my apologies! As usual, HST is keeping busy, so I have neglected the blog. August is looking great at HST, and with summer beginning to wrap up, it's a great time to come see us and get that new tattoo you have had your eye on! -GIOVANI....As some of you know, prior to being a tattoo artist and the owner of HST, I was a professional chef, a career that was part of my family heritage, and something that is very close to my heart! I recently was offered an opportunity to return to the culinary arts as a consultant for a restaurant company called "The Loose Goose" that is looking to expand its brand in the Columbus market. I take great pride in my cooking, and when the offer came, i was glad to be able to help the Goose re-design its brand to offer clients a more upscale, healthy menu. As this opportunity was something that required my full attention, I have been away from HST for nearly two months. My great thanks to our amazing manager, Joshua, for keeping HST running smoothly in my absence. I hope that every client of HST was taken care of with the same high standard of customer service that continues to set HST apart from the pack in Columbus tattooing. I am glad to say that, having completed the redesign of The Loose Goose, that I am now able to return to my studio, and begin taking new clients again. If you get a chance to check the Goose out, enjoy a great meal in a fun atmosphere, and tell 'em Giovani sent you! I am super proud of the new menu, and hope that you will take the opportunity to see my culinary ability in action! -THE (temporary) RETURN OF JOEY KNUCKLES!!..... That's right folks, it's that time again; our old pal and one of my most accomplished employees, the great JOEY KNUCKLES will be returning to HST august 16-18, and has a few open spots left...If you have work that needs finished, or want something new from this east-coast powerhouse. you can check out his work and book an appointment at www.joeyknucklestattoo.com Well, that's it, we hope to see you all soon, and i promise I will try my best to update this damn blog more often! Thanks for your continued support of HST, we look forward to seeing you soon for "the mark of distinction that lasts a lifetime" -Gio

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