Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HST goes metal!!

I know, its been a while since my last post here, but spring is here and we at HST are lucky enough to be super busy! That dosen't mean we can't fit you in for a great tattoo, so don't hesitatate to come see us anytime! In other news, i have been working in secret for about 8 months now as the co-host of "metal shop" on 99.7 the blitz! Our show is dedicated to the heavist of metal, and can be heard sunday nights at 11 or streamed live to any computer at!!! I encourage you to check it out! I step outside my usual refined self and release my inner metalhead!! I might even give away some tattoo time for loyal listeners!! On the same note, metal shop will be hosting its one year anniversary this saturday at captain jacks at buckeye lake from 8-midnight with 6 great local metal bands, and plenty of suprises, so get on out there!!! So there it is...check back often and i'll do my best to update more often!!

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