Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HST crew re-joins our friends at Bone Collector 2-9-11

Those of you familiar with the hunting and outdoor world may know the name Michael Waddell...For those of you that don't follow the world of hunting, Mr. Waddell is known as the Bone Collector.  He and his two buddies are privledged to hunt game all over the globe, he has the number one hunting show on cable, and he endorses everything from guns and bows to Bone Collector toothbrush holders!  We were lucky enough last year to be invited by mr. Waddell to the countries biggest sports and outdoor show in Harrisburg PA, where the HSt crew did free Bone Collector tattoos on their loyal fans!  We are proud to have been invited back this year, and we will be hitting the road tomorrow to bring this opportunity back to these great folks!  The studio will be open normal hours all weekend, with myself, Aj and Drew making the trip to Harrisburg...For any of you that are HST fans in the Harrisburg area, please join us at this amazing event!  Just like last year, we will be tattooing the BC logo FREE OF CHARGE!  so come see us if you can, and as always, thank you for your continued support of HST!!
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